Information for Visitors to the House

Information for visitors

Information for our visitors:
The Hospitality House is located approximately 4 miles from the Coffield and Michael units on FM 2054. We open at 5:30 pm Friday and lock our doors at 11:00 pm. No one is allowed in or out after 10:30, and 10:00pm on Saturday.  We open our doors at 6:30 am Saturday and Sunday mornings. Children are always welcome with a play area dedicated to their enjoyment.  We have special times of the year through the Holidays and at Christmas.  
We close at 9:00 am Sunday. Visitation now starts at 7:00 am in all units here except  the Powledge facility.
Check in on Saturday can generally be done after 11:00 am.
For those staying only Friday night please have your bags and belongings out by 9:00 am so we can get the room ready for folks coming in on Saturday evening. 
As a reminder we can not make reservations online. Please call us at 903-928-0116  for reservations, or with any questions and suggestions.