Message from the Directors

Greetings from the Hospitality House.  We have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of this ministry we love and cherish. We hope and pray that everyone will be blessed and nourished through the facility and its ministry to families. We pray that God will bless everyone who enters the door in a great and mighty way. If you would like to see about arrangements to stay please call at 903-928-0116.   

 John & Debbie Gleason

Call Ahead

Before you leave home:

Please be sure to call the unit you will be visiting and make sure that the unit will be open for visitation and your loved one will be allowed a visit.  We do hope and pray that all who come will see, and feel the presence of God's Love, grace and mercy through this place. 

Please call the house at 903-928-0116 for reservationswe can not make reservations online.

Hospitality House Closed Dates

Please call for reservations. The Hospitality House will be closed on the following weekends in 2018. Sorry for any inconvience this may cause.  Please be aware that on holiday weekends visits may be limited by the units. We would recommend that you double check any arrangements before leaving home to the units.

May God bless you and keep you this year!

We will be closed  on the following weekends, we will reopen the next Friday:

CLosed May 31st through June 3rd
August 30- September 2th

November 29- Dec 3rd
Dec 23rd - Jan 2nd.  Will reopen January 5th